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Are you feeling trapped in the Obamacare web. Are your benefits becoming less and less? Premiums and deductibles increasing as much as 30% year after year. Does your income stream changes each year? Did you know that if your income increases and you don't report it you may have to pay back all or part of your Premium Tax Credit when you file you income taxes?

There is an alternative to the federal marketplace. I found a group of people who share each others medical expenses. I actually participated in this program before I turned 65. I would love to share this information with you. Please contact me so we can evaluate whether or not this would suit your specific needs.

It's Called Medi-Share - When you help a fellow Christian with their medical costs you receive a personal thank you from that person via email.

Call me       Heather 304-374-0778

Serving the Ohio Valley, Weirton, New Cumberland, Follansbee, Wellsburg, Wheeling, Burgettstown, Steubenville, and surrounding communities.

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